New shipment of Gas Gas BOY50’s just arrived.


GAS GAS Boy/ Cadet/ Rookie motorcycles are not toys but real trial bikes. Young off-road enthusiasts learn coordination and balance and get the feel of the accelerator, brakes and clutch, while enjoying their initial contact with trials.

Gas Gas start with the BOY50, a fantastic little entry level kids Trials motorcycle.
The BOY 50 is designed for the younger rider to develop his or her skills to the maximum level. The bike is fitted with a two alternate speed ranges on the gearbox, (manually changed by a small pull lever low on the bike) so Mum or Dad can control the bikes characteristics.

It has an auto centrifical clutch function to get the little ones confidence up, but is also fitted with a clutch lever that acts as an overide of the auto system. This gets the junior riders ready for a full manual change bike. The bike can be ridden fully automatic, or using the clutch lever overide as skills progress.

The BOY 50 has 16 and 14 inch wheels, and a small size Trials frame – but so many of the features found on Mum or Dad’s TXT Pro’s. These are the real deal!


Available now at: The Hell Team


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