A trio of Yamaha Majesty twinshocks arrive.

Black magic – renthal bars, new rims with tubless Michy’s, WES exhaust………

After visiting the Denman twin shock scene again a few months ago I was really impressed by the array of fantastic bikes being ridden and displayed. It got me thinking about bikes – especially twinshocks that were a bit more “exotic”, but still easy to find parts for locally, and not hard to maintain. Well that sort of screamed Honda and Yamaha, and the Godden framed Yamaha Majesty i had always found to be one of the prettiest bikes of the period.

This is how they arrived from the UK! Nice wrapping.

In 1979, Mick ANDREWS (MA) and John Edouard SHIRT (JES) produced the limited edition Yamaha MAJESTY, modifying the TY 175 and 250 frames, to create a competitive trials bike from the Yamaha TY building block. Then from 1980, special bespoke frames were built by Don GODDEN. Models were produced in 125, 175, 200, 250 and 320cc capacities, and also long or short frames (mini majesty 100 and 125 cc).

I asked a few favours of friends in the UK, and found a number of bikes over a period of a few months. One came from England, one fron Scotland, and one from Wales…..it turned into a real Easter egg hunt!
And we also bought in a old Yammy TY just to fill the pallet.

These bikes are all the later Godden Frames. We stripped them, cleaned them, and packaged them onto a couple of palletts. carefully wrapping each part for the long boat trip to Australia. Unfortunately when they arrived AQUIS still held them for two weeks to steam clean, and spray them for insects. I dont think they have been that clean since the 80’s.

Out of the boxes, and built.

Anyway I am keeping one for myself, and the others are up for sale. Ring me if you are interested in one of the finest, and best looking twinshocks ever built.

I am planning on shipping some more bikes, so if you have a wish list let me know. I’ll get Sherlock Holmes on the case!

This is the bike from Wales, and the one that we will keep – it’s sooooo tidy!

This is the one for keep!

6 thoughts on “A trio of Yamaha Majesty twinshocks arrive.

  1. Hi mate what’s the difference between a ty and a majasty? I just purchased a tidy ty 250

  2. Majesty is a special build at the time by John Shirt Snr (Yamaha UK) as limited edition competition bike. Same motor, different frame. Much more collectable than straight TY.

  3. Hi i have a ty frame think it a normal ty frame its a 1976 525 frame had a few mods lookin to restore it neads forks etc wich type would you recommend thank you those trio of bikes are wot i hope heaven looks like keep up the excerlent work

  4. Hi, do you have a Majesty for sale at present? I would be interested if so.


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