Gas Gas TXT Racing 2013

Gas Gas TXT Racing 2013.

The Racing version of the trial range comes with important new features.The bike weighs less than its predecessor with a new plastic fuel tank, which is not only lighter, but makes better use of the space around the engine. The radiator is narrower and easier to assemble and disassemble, as well as improving the flow of water to optimize engine performance without loss of coolant capacity. The TXT Racing incorporates a titanium front exhaust which provides better engine response at medium and higher RPM.

At the rear, the swingarm is also lighter and has the eccentric cams more protected from impact, as well as a newnon-rotating design built for quick and easy mounting of the rear wheel. The new linkage achieves greater stability of the rear,more grip and a faster rebound. The bike is designed to enhance handling and with user friendly maintenance, for example you can change engine ignition maps with a switch that is integrated in a way that makes it perfectly accessible.

Among the components, a Reiger Racing shock absorber with two possible configurations, a Keihin carburetor for 280cc and 300cc models, Renthal handlebars and a new design S3 cylinder head that completes a new shorter cooling circuit. A part of these changes are inherited improvements from the 2012 Raga Replica: The quick disassembly system of the shifting selector shaft,the fuel tank ventilation system, more robust chassis in the upper shock mounting and greater protection of the rear linkage arms.

The TXT Racing will be available to order only in four displacements: 125cc, 250cc, 280cc and 300cc.

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