Gas Gas can take you to the 2013 Scottish Six Day Trial.


Gas Gas will provide transportation and assistance to its customers and rental bikes for all riders.

GasGas continues the policy of facilitating access for this famous competition to customers and friends,  repeating the service in the 104th edition of the Six
Days Trial in Scotland (that takes place from May 3th through the 11th 2013).

This offer, as in previous years, includes a service for the transportation and logistical assistance in the race as well as the possibility of renting a Gas Gas to compete in this legendary event.

This offer consists of three packages to choose from:

1. The first is exclusively for owners of Gas Gas and covers the transport of the bike, a bag of equipment (not luggage), departing from the Gas Gas factory in Spain to the destination and back again to the factory.

2.The second also includes technical assistance mid-day and at the end of each day: gasoline and daily set-up of the bike, and also catering service at the end of the day.

3.The third one, and of more interest to Australian riders, is intended for any participant and added to the previous offer to rent a Gas Gas 2013 trial series bikes.

Gas Gas Motos Australia can arrange for a new bike to be used in this event, and then shipped back to Australia post the event also.

Prices for these services are:
Transportation: 295 € + any applicable taxes
Transportation + assistance: 495 € + any applicable taxes
Bike rental + assistance: 1.495 € + any applicable taxes
Those interested please contact Paul Arnott at GasGas Motos Australia. 

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