The Hell Team, Jordi Pascuet & MNSW Training Camp wrap up.

Xmas day has passed and I thought it was high time to do a wrap up on the NSW leg of the Jordi Pascuet Off Road Training Centre, The Hell Team and MNSW Junior Development Camps. AGAIN what a huge success!

We split the NSW leg into two separate sections; on Friday the 21st December The Hell Team ran and advanced rider Training day, with support from the Marchant family (owner’s of Pacific Park Motorcycle Park, and massive supporters of Trials in NSW). Then on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd with support from Motorcycling NSW we had an intense two day training camp for under 21 licensed trials riders.

Jordi aboard the JTG explaining the finer points of how to go vertical!

Jordi aboard the JTG explaining the finer points of how to go vertical!

Friday 21st Jordi Pascuet Off Road Training Centre and The Hell Team Elite Training Day
Jordi Pascuet supplied expert training to a select group of 16 elite riders including current Australia’s #1 Kyle Middleton, Women’s World #7 and Australia’s top female rider Kristie McKinnon, Multiple state Champion Kevin Zarcynzski, New Zealand hot shot Blake Fox, Australian Youth rider Jono Chellas, and multiple State Champion James Boyle among others. It kicked off and very quickly turned into a memorable session with sections being created that tested everyone. Not only did the 16 top riders learn some very valuable skills, but the minders also walked away with some handy training tools.
The weather was perfectly mild, and a fine cloud cover so there was no excuses, but none were needed, everyone dug deep and really extended themselves.
Most of the crew from Friday's session.

Most of the crew from Friday’s session.

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd.
Motorcycling NSW Junior Development Training Camp (in conjunction with The Jordi Pascuet Off Road Training Centre and The Hell Team)

Saturday arrived and blessed us again with a perfect trials arena. 20 odd Juniors showed up with eager faces and great attitudes to be coached by Australia’s and the World’s best. Jordi Pascuet was heading a team of coaches that included Kevin Zarcynski, Kyle Middleton and Kristie Mckinnon – three of Australia’s most elite riders.
We also had some riders that had travelled extraordinary distances to attend these training sessions with Jordi. We had a number of families from Qld, and New Zealand attend these NSW days, a testament to how high Jordi’s training skills are. I know they all went home satisfied the trip was worth every kilometer. We will endeavour to do a more extensive tour around Australia next year if time and the State controlling bodies permit.
The day started with a group session for most of the riders (the elite group separated early as most had attended Friday’s group). Jordi teaches not only the practical riding techniques, but also the importance of bike and body preparation and control.

After lunch we split the group down to four small bands of riders and the coaches rotated between each group keeping everything fresh and the interest level high. We finished the day with some fun slalom trials races, slow races and other gymkana type events that still promote important trials skills. There was a lot of tired young riders but everyone backed up with great attitudes for Sundays sessions.

It was a fair bit hotter come Sunday, but the interest for the coaching didn’t wane with everyone from the most youngest riders giving there all across every session. I was so impressed with not only the enthusiasm for the coaching from the pilots, but also the contribution of all the parents. It made both days go so sweetly with such a great group of like minded Trials people both young and not so!

Sunday finished off with demonstration “Show” from Jordi, Kevin and Kyle – that was something to see.
I would like to congratulate all those who attended for making it such a successful weekend, and also thank Motorcycling NSW for again being prepared to help us out with some funds to help contribute to the costs of getting Jordi over here from Spain again this year. As Jordi said in his closing remarks he can definitely see the improvement in skill level this year amongst our Junior riders, and encouraged us to promote regular training sessions as a way to guarantee our success on a World stage.
Over the three weeks we spent travelling around Australia Jordi and myself had quite a bit of time to talk about Australia’s position as a force in World Trials. With the successful running of the Australian Round of the World Trials Championship in Maldon this year, these successful Training Camps, and a number of our top riders getting great exposure to World Championship level competition it really is the time we need to put some funding and time into our upcoming riders.


As Jordi said he feels like Australia is now in the position Spain was in 15 years ago when Spain’s Motorcycle Federation really stepped up and contributed to the development of the Spanish Trials Team (and we all know how that has paid off)! He also gave me examples of how European countries like Norway have helped their sport in the last 6 years, and the results that has produced. I wont bang on about it here, but I think we all saw the seeds being sown this last weekend, and we need to help those mature with a supportive and educated response.
Kyle Middleton Style.

Kyle Middleton Style.

Thanks again to all those attended, I’m sure you all went home better trials riders, just don’t forget to working on those skills.
Also a huge thank you to Dave, Glynis and Brad Marchant for such massive support, not only this weekend, but all year round.
To all the parents, minders and friends who gave their time and effort so freely over the weekend.
To Bob McGlinchy for all his time organising permits, running the Kickstart program and his never ending help in so many areas.
To Kyle Middleton, Kristie McKinnon and Kevin Zarcynski – SO AWESOME! THANKS!
To all the NSW Trials Clubs (Manly, Wollongong, TCC, and Pacific Park Trials Club) who contributed to helping our local Australia coaches.
And a big shout out to Simon Ford and Glen Sommerville for the images – thanks guys.
Paul Arnott.

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