Gasser Containers unpacked and we have a full house!



It was sweltering but all the bikes are in the Factory and hell they look good!

It’s awesome Gas Gas never ceases it’s quest for continuous improvement in order to remain the trials bike par excellence. There is typically changes and improvements all over the bike. Every time I open a new bike box for the first time I find not only all the improvement they list, but a raft of great little changes, it’s what keeps the TXT Pro’s synonymous with precision and stability.

Gas Gas engineers are constantly searching for every advantage and implement them in this new 2013 model available in 125cc, 250cc, 280cc, and the big bore 300cc. Pretty much capacities to suit evey riders style.

The latest bike features Galfer Wave brake discs and the new BrakeTec / AJP Brake and clutch master cylinders, and calipers. The new BrakeTec clutch pump is quicker and more effective than it’s predecessor.

In the rear the new link in the shock absorber system makes this motorbike more stable and precise on it’s rear axle, as do it’s reinforced tie rods. Another new feature shared by this model and the TXT RAGA replica is the fast removal system of the selector shaft, which allows it to be replaced in a matter of minutes.

This motor in the TXT Pro 2013 provides great response at low speeds and excellent performance. They have introduced a new and improved filter box seal and changed the grips for better handlebar sensitivity for the rider.

New quick change gear selector shaft
New reinforced 1st and 3rd gears
AJP brake calipers
AJP front brake master cylinder
AJP clutch master cylinder
New 2013 graphics with latest GAS GAS logo
New titanium front exhaust
New design kickstart
Strengthened top shock mount
Better frame protection for rear linkage
Better sealing on airbox and cover
New handlebar grips
New petrol tank cap and breather

Fantastic new pricing (cheaper than 2008, 09, 10, 11 and 12)! Thanks Aussie Dollar!

125 TXT Pro $8100.00

250 TXT Pro $8700.00

280 TXT Pro $8800.00

300 TXT Pro $8900.00 

Order between now (12.1.13) and the end of January 2013  and we will freight for free Australia wide.


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