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Great victory for Adam Raga and Gas Gas in the United States

Gas Gas rider Adam Raga is reunited with victory in the World Championship and wins the first day of competition of the Grand Prix of the United States of America. 

May, 25th, 2013
Sequatchie, Tenessee (USA)

In Sequatchie, where he won in 2006, Adam Raga has again achieved a major victory in a World Championship Trials race. After initially somewhat puzzled by the application of the Non-Stop rules in Japan, the second round of the World Championship, in the United States, has rewarded the Gas Gas rider for his work that he has done in the pre-season.

Raga, who has introduced the new Gas Gas TXT Pro 300 Factory Replica in the World Championship, started the day with caution, since some of the zones were rather easy, although they can always surprise with a rise in difficulty. In fact, section 5, one of the most complicated in the Trial, he committed a mistake and suffered a five point penalty, followed by one point in two additional sections as well as one point for a time penalty, resulting in his finishing the first lap with eight points and tied with Toni Bou. Jeroni Fajardo had the best score in the first lap.

But in the second lap, the Gas Gas rider applied himself and completed the lap without penalty. In the third and final lap of the Trial, he was penalized only one point, so mathematically he was awarded the victory for this first day of the U.S. Grand Prix. This victory means that Adam Raga has gained some points and is in second place in the championship, only two points behind Bou.

The other riders on the Gas Gas Team, the Frenchman Loris Gubian and the Italian Matteo Grattarola occupied the seventh and eighth positions respectively, and Pere Borrellas has earned his first World Championship points.

Podium in Junior
Two members of the factory program Gas Gas School of Champions, Francesc Moret and Jorge Casales have stood on the podium of the U.S. GP in the Junior category. In Sequatchie, the two riders were very close to victory. After a first lap with some errors, they have recovered to finish on the podium, after the winner and category leader, the Britt, Sheppard. Casales has had the best loop score in the Juniors with no penalty points in the second lap.
On Sunday will be the second and final day of the U.S. Trial Grand Prix. The loop is about ten kilometers, with 12 sections, that will be faced three times.

Adam Raga:
“I am very happy. It was an important race. The zones seemed very easy at first, not showing very many points. I am very happy for this victory that we achieved; it shows that we are doing a good job. Here it is difficult when you have a score so low. I want to thank my team, my backpacker, mechanic, and crew chief Santi Navarro, together we have achieved this victory.”

Francesc Moret:
“Too bad! Only one point from winning. It was a rather easy Trial and we’ve played in a couple of the sections, but you mustn’t put your guard down at any time. After Scotland I took several days without training because of tendinitis in my right arm, and this made me doubt my condition at some point, but in the end I saw that it was good. Too bad for my failure to exit one zone where I made a fiasco or I could have achieved a victory.” 

Jorge Casales:

“It has been very tight and the judges have been quite permissive. Sections for our level, were too easy. A fault in the third lap in section three cost me the Trial. Still, I am happy because I have recovered the sensations and positions in the championship. I hope tomorrow will have more difficult sections so I can do better.” 



Pos. Rider Lap1 Lap2 Lap3 Tot.
1. Adam Raga (Gas Gas) 8 0 1 9
2. Toni Bou 8 3 6 17
3. Jeroni Fajardo 6 7 6 19
4. Albert Cabestany 11 8 5 24
5. Takahisa Fujinami 16 12 9 37
7. Loris Gubian (Gas Gas) 23 18 16 57
8. Matteo Grattarola (Gas Gas) 25 15 22 62
13. Pere Borrellas (Gas Gas) 39 38 34 111


Pos. Rider Lap1 Lap2 Lap3 Tot.
1. Jack Sheppard 4 3 3 10
2. Francesc Moret (Gas Gas) 8 1 2 11
3. Jorge Casales (Gas Gas) 9 0 3 12
10. Kyle Middleton (Gas Gas) 8 16 14 38

STANDINGS World Championship

Pos. Rider Points
1. Toni Bou 52
2. Adam Raga (Gas Gas) 50
3. Takahisa Fujinami 44
4. Jeroni Fajardo 43
5. Albert Cabestany 38
7. Michael Brown (Gas Gas) 17
11. Loris Gubian (Gas Gas) 14
14. Matteo Grattarola (Gas Gas) 9
16. Pere Borrellas (Gas Gas) 4


Pos. Rider Points
1. Jack Sheppard 55
2. Jorge Casales (Gas Gas) 43
3. Maxime Warenghien 41
3. Francesc Moret (Gas Gas) 36
10. Kyle Middleton (Gas Gas) 16


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