2014 Electric Motion EM5.7 announced.

The Hell Team have just received details of the 2014 Electric Motion EM5.7 Trials bikes due for production in early 2014.

1/ EM 5.7 – 2014 Classic Version
* Primary Drive now by Belt (previously chain), less maintenance, smother, quieter.
* Tighter and Lighter Engine Protector Plate (Bash Plate).
* New Engine plates
* Lighter Tyres, New Golden Tyre 355Gecko with super soft compound.
* New handle bars
* New colours >> Green, Blue, Yellow & Orange
* New BMS features (better battery cells management)

2/ The EMSport – 2014 Competition Version
* Marzocchi aluminium front fork
* Aluminium Rear shock
* New Belt primary drive
* Lighter tyres (Michelin X lite)
* Lighter frame
* Low friction secondary chain
* Low friction rear sprocket
* Protection stickers on wheels
* Carbon Design on swing arm and fork’s protections
* Handle bar ends
* 15amp Charger ( around 1 hour for a total charge)
* Special stickers design

We will bring you more news as it comes to hand on these exciting Electric trials bikes.

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