Yamaha 500TT Flat Tracker

Well I’m not quite sure how this happened but we ended up with this 500cc American Flat Tracker last week!
It took a few days but Andrew and I got it looking clean and tidy after a few days elbow grease. Tank and seat went for a quick trip to the pinstripers, a set of race plates, exhaust wrap, chain, wiring, and we took it to the Sydney Motorcycle Show!
The thing is sick – apart from the Cheney frame it has some really trick gear on it, and sounds ballistic.
Basically ran out of time to do much more, but we are into it again this week.
I love the Cheney frame, but hate the blue colour, so it was a complete strip down today and off to the blasters. The a trip to the powder coaters and it should start to take shape.
Only trouble is there is definitely two trains of thought in the HQ about which way to go with the frame colour. So I knocked up a couple of colour options with Fireworks colour replacement tool in the Gallery below.
I was first thinking of a blood red, but after seeing a few options I’m leaning towards something more neutral to draw the eye to the wheels and tank/seat, …….but some scally wags are twisting my arm for red!
What do you think!

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