New 200cc Randonne from Gas Gas

Gas Gas have released details of a new 200cc Randonne, only previously available in a 125cc.
Here’s the blurb from the Factory on the new model:
Randonné is a new concept of off-road leisure motorcycle: in a trial adventure, it is suitable for all levels, and now it comes with 200cc engine.
Versatile is the word. The Randonné is excellent in all types of terrain: dynamic, fun, reliable, economical, and easy to maintain.
Spring, good weather arrives and it is a time to think about fun. And for that, Gas Gas expands the family to one of the best bikes for this: the Gas Gas TX Randonné 200. A most versatile bike, and suitable for all ages.
In 2011 Gas Gas Motos launched a new bike into the market, a new concept, a new way of fun: the Gas Gas TX 125 Randonné. This model was well received by its ease of use and versatility, a perfect bike to get started in the off-road world. The Randonné is one of the most fun bikes that can be operated by any skill level. Precisely, it is the bike for everyone, easy to ride with a reliable engine that has low maintenance and low fuel consumption.

For 2014, the model range is extended with the new Randonné 200. By increasing the displacement, the concept remains the same, and both the new model and the original 125cc version have increased performance due to improvements in the suspension and brakes.

New TX Randonné 200
The novelty of this new Randonné engine is an increase to 200 cc. The new engine offers more power to overcome any obstacle, with more torque and smoother operation.
The excellent feel and riding position is essentially coming from the frame, which has been improved thanks to the changes to the suspension and brakes.

Where there are the most changes, are in the motorcycle itself. When the model appeared in 2011, it awoke much curiosity and received great compliments. Now the 2014 model has seen improvements to different points, such as the frame, sub-frame and engine sump guard. The wheels feature a new front hub for easy mounting and removal of the wheel, with new Morad rims.

With respect to the suspension, highlighting the new Ollé 40mm diameter front suspension that improves performance due to new settings. In the rear, Ollé has changed the shock absorber, with adjustments to enhance the performance of the bike in any situation.
The handlebar is new, smaller and with a new support for the multifunction display by Trailtech . The electrical system has also undergone some revision, in addition to the new JD CDI, the electrical system has been completely renovated, and in the rear, the taillight is LED. The license plate mount is different than the 2011 model to relocate the plate.

The graphics are also completely new, with red and black plastics with the predominance of traditional color of the Girona brand.

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