SSDT Day 5 video (jitsie)

Friday is typically one of the hardest days at the SSDT and this year was no different. Dougie Lampkin recorded his first five of the week and as you will find out in the video…he wasn’t happy with that at all! He’s still in the lead going into the final day, but the pressure is on for the multiple World champ if he wants to get hold of that incredible eight victory here at the Scottish six day trial! Jordi Pascuet and Jack Sheppard had good days and climb up the ranks. Both are in for a top ten finish which would be a great result! Eddie Karlsson had his early day on Friday and struggled to find the much needed grip. The learning curve at the SSDT is very steep and young Karlsson will surely come back next year to apply all the stuff he’s learned this year. Bring on Saturday!

SSDT 2014 – Day 5 from Jitsie on Vimeo.

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