2014 Aussie Titles wrap up.

Well I’ve just finished unpacking the Van, and settled down in front of the computer to finally have a personal de-brief about the Aussie Titles for 2014.
I’ve got to say a huge thank you to all the Gas Gas, JGas and Scorpa riders who competed at the Tasmanian event, and who made me so proud to be part of the Trials community in Australia – what a great bunch of riders and support crew you are.
From our amazing past and current Champion Kyle Middleton, who again showed his amazing talent over the two days to clench another well deserved first place in Open Solo, right down to young Charlotte Cowan tearing around like a 2foot high Banshee all over the sections with DAD in hot pursuit, it was a weekend of memorable moments.
Overall the Tasmanian Organisers and volunteers did a great job. The Event was really well organised, and it had a terrific relaxed, unofficious atmosphere. The weather was great and mostly they got the section severity pretty spot on. It’s hard in some grades to cover all riders, but hey that’s trials – it’s always going to be Too Hard, Too Easy, Too Long, Too Short, Not enough, Too much, all in the same event. THAT’s TRIALS, and the best rider on the day WINS. Thank @#$% for that.
Only gripe I have personally is that I think we should have different sections on DAY 2, but again that’s me, and I appreciate it is more work for the organising club, and it’s not exactly the biggest Trials area in Australia. SO well done Tasmania. GREAT EVENT.
To the riders – wow there really is some serious talent out there. Thanks to our “crew”
Open Solo
Kyle Middleton – Champion again. Dedication, perseverance and talent aplenty. He is an inspiration to all of us.
Colin Zarcynski – Podiumed, but probably not quite as good as he was expecting. But knowing Colin he will fight on, and take a positive from the weekend. Amazing determination an incredible will to win that is as strong as ever.
Chris Bayles – What a great attitude. And his skill level is going skyward. Just a fantastic guy to have on any Team.
Kevin Zarcynski – Now the Statesman of Open Solo, and just amazing that he can still be so consistently up there.
Toby Coleman – Killa Day 1, and slipped slightly on Day 2, but probably because of his dedication to always helping other riders. A master tutor and the key to so many young riders coming up so strongly.
Peter Lochart – Big talent in a small package, Pete had some local knowledge but backs it up with some real rider skills.
Open Women
Kristy McKinnon – Multiple Australian Women’s Champion Kristy’s plan didn’t quite go as expected this weekend, and I’m sure she is disappointed with 2nd, but I think I can confidently say she definitely has a few more crowns in the future, and she was elegant in her acceptance of the loss. Great job Michelle Coleman for taking the win.
Brooke Lonie – Brooka had a blinda! equal second on Day 1 with Kristie McKinnon at the end of Day 1 I think I jinxed her. I told her her score, as she was telling me not to tell her her score. DOH! A fine third anyway in the wash up, and super stoked she is riding so well.
Kaitlyn Cummins – Always smiling, and seemingly loving everything around her Kaitlyn gave all the TDN girls a good shake and let them know she’s up for that spot. Good riding Kaitlyn.
Jono Chellas – Well I think JJ had that in the bag from the end of Day 1. A very convincing win from the previous Open Junior Champion, and well on the way to a spot cemented in the Open Solo class. A text book performance from the Pacific Park local.
Bradley Bryant – Not the first day he was hoping for, but Bradley showed everyone he has what it takes with a very good Day 2 for a fine second in Youth.
Callum Barton – Good riding on the JGas and a big lap score improvement on Day 2 the West Aussie performed quite well on very foreign terrian from that usually encountered in the West.
Jacob Whittle – Suffering from some injuries Jacob a a few obstacles to overcome that weren’t directly in front of the bike, but still soldiered through and improved on Day 2.
Open Junior
Connor Hogan – I’m sure Connor would rather I didn’t say anything, but equal first on Day 1 with the likes of Tom Wager, and Ruben Chadwick is a LITTLE bit of pressure. Connor made a few mistakes on Day 2 that relegated him to third, but still a podium and we saw what he has in the bag. All good stuff.
Jake Folini Kearns – Jake was up against some serious talent in this class and he id extremely well over both days, just slipping a bit on the second. I’m sure he has learnt a lot from the weekend and will improve exponentially.
Veteran – A great bunch of guys across the Veterans class and a @#$%ing funny bunch as well! – Not you Pete Bayles! Peter Dyer, Angus Boud (lookin’ dead sexy on that Factory Replica) and Pat Sutton hanging on dearly to his “Factory Prepared” GG. (Well Kyle Middleton and I had to do “something” on the Monday after the VIC Titles, so we decided to give Pat’s engine a bit of lovin’…Horsepower lovin’ of course)!
Peter Bayles and Westy Pete Pringle rounded out a great bunch in the Vets
Junior 7-12
Really diverse bunch in this class and David MacDonald and Ben Franco knocked each other around at the top with MacDonald taking the win, but props to Alex Cowan and Ethan Hogan for flying the flag. Good job boys and see you at Pacific Park for the Aussies in 2015.
Junior Women
Well our girls comfortably took 1st and second in the Junior class with Rory Hartshorn winning with just a single dab on both days, but the delightful Sarah Chivers not far behind. It always makes my day when the Chivers Clan show up at a Trial and a nicer bunch would be hard to find.

Overall out of the 72 modern bikes competing, 26 were Gasser, and the worst thing that happened was one slightly bent rear brake pedal and a few punctures, so a very quiet weekend in the “workshop” area of the tent – not unhappy about that really. Most riders finished well within time, and maybe it was due to the lower rider entries but I think maybe 3 laps instead of 2 could have been achievable in most classes.
Again thanks to everyone for a great weekend, and a huge round of applause to Craig Ferrall, Dave Catt and the rest of the Tassy crew for a really great Aussie Titles.
2015’s Titles will be held by NSW, and specifically The Pacific Park Trials Club on the last weekend of August. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again, and all those regulars who for whatever reasons couldn’t make it across Bass Straight this year, bring on 2015.
All the best
Paul Arnott.

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