Gas Gas Contact, the passport to fun

Suitable for all those great lovers of off-road exploring and trial. The new Gas Gas Contact allows you enjoyment with good off-road performance, quality and comfort at an affordable price.

A machine for those who want to enjoy their off-road excursions and the sport of trial without sacrificing comfort, smoothness and the performance of the bikes manufactured by Gas Gas. This is the new Gas Gas Contact, a motorcycle designed for enthusiasts and leisure trial alike.

The secret of a good day of trial is to be able to enjoy it without stress, leaving behind the rush and just enjoying the moment. And so, the new Gas Gas Contact is ideal for lovers of mountain motorcycling for its versatility and ease of operation. With versatility and quality at an affordable price, the new Contact will bring out the most of your weekend adventures.

Over time the beasts are tamed and some people prevail and become comfortable with the sport. The same philosophy is involved in creating the new Gas Gas Contact, a product that focuses on reliability and good performance with our 250 cc two-stroke engine, a motorcycle logically adapted for the needs of riders being initiated into the sport of trial.


Suitable for those who wish to enjoy their hobby carefree, with the cost benefits, the new Gas Gas Contact has settings designed for a typical rider. A single ignition map, a rear shock with adjustable preload, and a front fork with factory settings, both of the Ollé brand, to simplify the puzzle where sometimes the settings of other products become. Simplicity facilitates use.

In this regard, this model has an engine that is available – only in a displacement of 250 cc – Known for smoothness and progressive response, by incorporating the Dellorto 26 carburetor and new exhaust curve in combination with the new ignition map, makes this a suitable bike for both beginners in the trial sport and those who have long practiced it and enjoy trail trips as well. The incorporation of a fuel tank with increased capacity – 3.5 liters – and a standard seat, coupled with new geometry and balanced weight distribution make the Gas Gas Contact a model with greater aplomb, whose raw torque can gain traction on any terrain.


In addition to the comfortable seat on this series that will give you a rest in many of your excursions, the Gas Gas Contact also includes a long list of details like the anodized rims with galvanized spokes, Galfer disc brakes, and brake and clutch levers finished off in a natural aluminum color. A new model, practical and functional within the most affordable price segment, a dual model motorcycle, perfectly adapted to make the most of your leisure time.

Details of the new Gas Gas Contact:

• Single ignition map
• Ollé suspension and shock, the latter with adjustable preload
• Single cylinder 250 cc two-stroke engine
• Updated graphics
• Hydria ignition
• Dellorto carburetor
• New exhaust curve
• Larger fuel tank capacity of 3.5 liters
• Swingarm with progressive link system
• New standard seat
• Brake and clutch levers in aluminum color
• Anodized wheels and galvanized spokes
• Galfer Wave disc brakes

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