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 In our capacity as Official importers of Gas Gas trials bikes in Australia we would like to explain our understanding of the situation at Gas Gas Spain.

We were informed on morning of Tuesday 19th May that the management of Gas Gas Spain had declared voluntary insolvency in the courts in Girona.

Since February this year production of new bikes at the Factory in Girona has been on hold. The Spare Parts and Sport management departments have continued to operate.

This decision was caused by problems with management, and severe debt in the last three years, magnified by the the crisis in the European and global economies.

The statements made by the Gas Gas hierarchy, was that production was stopping for a short time, but there would be the entry of new partners who would guarantee an injection of capitol that would secure the company, and allow strong growth into the future.

This restructuring process relied on all parties, (the new investors, the Gas Gas Company, the trade unions, the banks, the Region de Catalunya and employees) to reach an agreement within the three months of the insolvency procedure. This time has now lapsed. 

So the CEO of Gas Gas has voluntarily applied in the courts to trigger a procedure for a type of administration. A court appointed trustee will ensure that after sales service and parts management continue, and the brand is given the best hope of a quick resurrection. In the short time investment is still being sort.

In the event this is unsuccessful they will sell the company. it is believed several parties are already involved in negotiations to acquire the company as a going concern if it comes to this.

Gas Gas Motos Australia continue to hold more than adequate supply of parts, and we are getting shipment regularly from Gas Gas Spain. The Gas Gas Spare parts department is still operational. Our network of third party suppliers is also second to none and we are confident supply will continue. 

Clearly it will not be easy in this delicate moment for Gas Gas to satisfy all requirements, but we at Gas Gas Motos believe strongly in the future of the brand, and want to continue to protect the confidence of all riders who have and will purchase Gas Gas products. 

We will continue to supply all Gas Gas Dealers and owners with spares and service, and they can be confident our standards will not be eroded.

We look forward to a positive future of the company without debt, and a continuation of the great trials bikes produced over the last 30 years.


Paul Arnott

Company Director. Gas Gas Motos Australia.

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  1. All the best Paul – as a long time customer I for one know you guys will look after your riders to the best of your ability. Let’s hope they find a solution soon. Cheers Paul Mac

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