Paul Arnott from The Hell Team on the Aussies.

It’s taken me a few days to since the presentation on Sunday to start to breath again! it was quite a clean up after the big weekend, but i am finally back at THT headquarters and able to put pen to paper!

The 2015 Australian trials Championship was a massive undertaking for the combined Trials Clubs of NSW, and I know there was a few of us that were very concerned on the Wednesday night we might have been in for a tumultuous weekend. We got news that the heavy rains in Southern Sydney had caused the water levels in the catchment area to rise significantly and the SES said we were going to be in for a flood down the Hawkesbury river! If anyone who knows Pacific Park well would be aware if that happened it could be flippers and snorkel to get between sections! Anyway that did not eventuate and we were blessed with a pearler of a weekend.

My heartfelt thanks to all the band of volunteers, it was a real interclub team effort, and everyone should feel rightly proud of the efforts they put in.

I was also gleaming on Sunday afternoon seeing the riders I support through The Hell Team constantly stepping onto the dias and receiving awards.11882337_10153001103167407_6823513723025164708_o

OPEN SOLO: 4 of the first 5 places – Gas Gas riders, topped by the master Kyle Middleton. Kyle rode superbly both days and his dedication to trials, commitment to training, and faultless preparation has put him onto another level that is just a joy to behold. I talk with Kyle and his father Ross very regularly and I see the massive amount of work they both put into the sport, and I truly believe Kyle is not only a worthy Australian Champion, but now holds his head amongst the European elite. To see him even just on a few section you know this guy is something special.

Outstanding effort also from Kevin Zarcznski in third, who at a tad over 40 years young, showed a lot of Experts well his junior how to “shake the tree”. That was impressive. His brother Colin  took 4th on a Gasser 300, and the forever funguy Tasmanian Chris Bayles rounded out 4 out of the top five for us which was amazing.

10952110_10153001107417407_6031455354803363335_oOPEN WOMEN: Well Kristie McKinnon was deservedly back on the top spot in what is always a testing weekend for her.

Kristie rides at such a high level, it really tests her concentration riding the “easier” sections set for the Open Women’s class at the titles weekend.

Same could be said for Brooke Lonie as we regularly see these two punching out the top of A Grade and B Grade at state level competitions. Yet they both rode well with a few minor mistakes and ended up 1 and 2.

Brooke ended up in a very controversial rider off with Stef Downes from NZ that was deemed a draw by MA officials. I would have to say personally I would have preferred to see a result, but both girls deserved to be on the dais which they were.

11952975_10153001104132407_8464690234398565279_oOPEN JUNIOR: This is always a hotly contested class, and 2015 was no different.

Day 1 saw Beta mounted Dean Collins on the top of the leader board, but South Australian Connor Hogan was having nothing of it and busted out an incredible clean day on the Sunday to finally snaffle that Junior title he has been so close to for a while.

His recent trip to Europe showed returns as he knuckled under and didn’t let the stress get to him on the pressure filled last day.

50% of the riders in the Open Junior class were Gas Gas mounted and they all put in a sterling effort.

JUNIOR WOMEN: Sarah Chivers – What can I say! I love this young lady and her family – they are a true reflection of what the trials community is all about. They are just awesome to be around, and make me and everyone else feel great about this sport. A top job Sarah, Kim and Brent you have a damn good one there!!!!!!

Also in that class a special mention to Charlotte Cowan who, like Sarah, just makes the day that much brighter!

There are so many other riders i would like to thank, but it’s not going to end up a small novel, but special mentions to:

James Boyle – the son I never had! So proud of you mate, stay on the path you are one. It is paved with Porsches!

Isaac Somerville –  It’s close Isaac, just keep working like you do, and it’s just around the corner.

Maverick Ford – 2nd place in Junior 7-13 and Best placed Aussie in class. That is something to be proud of buddy.

Also the massive field of Veterans led at the front by Steve Johnson, Rowan Gibson, Greg Nordsvan and Peter Wines

And lastly a big thank you to Brendan Johnson and Allan Phillipson for riding my two Gassers in Air cooled Mono and finally getting the class up and running. (also big thanks to Darryl Boorer who really got that ship sailing).

And Jack and Yana from Flair Riders for always having my back. Phil from PTR Engineering and GRO. LOVE YOU GUYS!

And lastly my partner Karen Volich and my best mate Nellie McDonald who I am leaning on constantly, and always propped up by!!!!

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