Classic Trials magazine 15 – out now.

Classic Trial Magazine, Issue 15 – inside you will find all your Trials News, Action, Events, Tests and so much more for you Classic.  It’s time for a brew so park your feet up sit back and enjoy the read!

 Inside and full of action you will find:

Focus: JCM 323 – A French Connection

Meeting: The ‘Great’ Bill Martin

Workshop: Fantic 300 – Part 2

Sidecar: The 1975 Northern Experts

Classic Competition: Martin Lampkins 1976 Superstars Win

Product Focus: Putoline Oils                                                                                                            

Brand: Who Remembers the BPS

Prototypes: The ‘Works’ OW10 Yamaha’s                                                                                                    

Discovery: We Found the ‘Missing’ Lejeune RTL

Sport: 2015 Round Up

International: Michaud’s 2015 Ventoux                                                                                             

Plus all the regular features – Remember it’s only Trials!!

Classic Trial Magazine in Print – We are proud to be in print and using new material and many unseen images from the very best photographers in the world.

Available now from The Hell Team  $16.50 (includes postage Australia wide)

TMag CL-15

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