Australian Trial Championships

Very convincing wins for both Kyle Middleton (Open Solo) & Kristy McKinnon (Open Womens) in the 2016 Australian Trial Championships.

Last weekend the 24th and 25th of September saw the running of the Logan Glass 2016 Australian Trial Championship in Stanthorpe, Queensland.

We arrived on the Thursday to set up the Hell Team area prior to Fridays practice and found the site had been deluged in the previous days, and things were just a little sodden underfoot  – (as can be seen by a few photos getting around with quite a few of us bogged in the slush). But with the advent of the breeze and a sunny day or two it was really quite nice.

I’m sure everyone has now seen the results, and I have to say I’m pretty chuffed that Gas Gas, Vertigo, TRS and JGas riders did so well. A real credit to the grit and determination of the riders in a trial that was fairly tough for a big chunk of the field.

But not “fairly tough” for the maestro that is Kyle Middleton. Four in a row now! – that is an awesome feat from the Newcastle local.  Special mention must go to him clean sheeting on Saturday – what a performance!

I’m not sure everyone sees it but I just have to say that guy really really deserves his win. He works exceptionally hard all year to be constantly improving, and never ever settles for the easy path. An absolute credit to him and congratulation on another sweet victory. Also special mention to Ross Middleton – Minder and Chief Mechanic, it is a well honed team that really sets the bar for other to follow.

And with an attitude that is not dissimilar to Kyle’s – Kristy McKinnon again just smashed out a couple of great days aboard the new TRS ONE for the crown of 2016 Australian Women’s Champion.  At short notice Kristy borrowed our TRS demo bike, and with her massive talent just adapted in no time, looking right at home from her first section. It is really inspiring to see these two outstanding riders show their wares at an event like this, but even more of a privilege to work with them during the year.

Special mentions must also go out to Chris Bayles (Gas Gas) for his best ever Aussie Titles ride into second. He really has just been on a constant upward curve for quite a while now, and he really hit his straps on the weekend in Stanthorpe. Great , great weekend Chris.

Also Colin Zarzcynski who very recently agreed to ride our brand new 300cc Vertigo ICE HELL in the recent VIC and NSW titles rounds, and the Aussie Championships. It’s never easy jumping on a new and foreign bike, but Colin’s experience and knowledge over many years at the pointy end of Australian Trials saw him adapt to the fuel injected bike very quickly. He won in Victoria, and at RD2 of the NSW Championships, and rounded out the weekend on the podium in 3rd position overall.

Also props to Kevin Zarzcynski in 5th overall on a 2017 300cc Gas Gas, Ruben Chadwick second in Youth (Flair Rider’s TRS ONE 300), and back from her recent TDN foray Sarah Chivers in a fine 3rd in Open Womens.

It was great catching up with so many people, though I must apologise I was a bit rushed off my feet for a lot of the proceedings, and I apologise if I could have a few more relaxing chin wags with a few friends I don’t see to often. Anyway Round 3 of the NSW titles this Sunday at Denman – see a lot of you there!

All the best. Paul

The Hell Team.


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