Trick Bits Protectors

The Hell team are proud to announce we have been granted sole importer rights to the great range of Trick Bits Trials protectors and number boards in Australia.


Trick Bits ABS trials bike protection guards, are manufactured using the latest vacuum forming machines and then finished off with a 5 Axis CNC trimming machine for a perfect fit every time.


Trick Bits make Carbon look plastic Protection guards for Gas Gas, Sherco, Montesa, Beta, Scorpa, Ossa, Jotagas, and TRS.  We have started our range with Gas Gas and TRS parts, but new items will be added to the range shorty, so please keep coming back to check them out.

Trick Bits protectors are a well priced quality product, that will help keep your bike in great condition and improve it’s eventual resale price.

Check them out under the Bike Protection on The Hell Team LINK

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