The Hell Team – About Us.


The Hell Team are based in Sydney, Australia.

We are a team of trials riders first and foremost, we love the sport, and compete on a regular basis. We don’t want trials to stagnate, we want it to grow. It can embrace traditional, outdoor, indoor, freestyle, and urban trials riding, it crosses so many disciplines and boundaries. We are driving Trials riding in a new direction, and to a new generation of riders.
We retail new trials motorbikes from Gas Gas, Electric Motion, JGas, Scorpa & Mecatecno & OSET kids electric trials bikes. We also do Trials push bikes from Czar, Zoo and Echo. We  stock many and varied brands of Trials accessories, and parts, as well as all brands of 2nd hand bikes.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding Trial Motorcycles, or MotoTrials in general. We are more than happy to help in any way we can.
Paul Arnott and “The Team”

Pol Tarres JTG Australian Round WTC 2012

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  1. Just wondering {,GasGas Contact} can the gearlever be rotated back or 180 degrees eg for long rides, obviously it will make it one up 5 down shift pattern but would make it easier to change gears on trail riding?

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