Trial Master cylinder and lever setup.

Lots of people adjust the brake and clutch master cylinders beyond their parameters, and end up with a badly operating brakes or slipping clutches. The AJP and Braktec Master cylinders on trials bikes have adjusters for lever reach and piston actuation, but when adjusted incorrectly can cause all sorts of issues. The Master cylinders only…

Tool kit stash.

It’s a bummer when you are out on a ride, and even just a few minutes from the van, and you need to do that little adjustment to the carb, swing your lever perches a bit, or tighten a loose bolt. I know lots of riders don’t carry a toolkit, but you can! Well just…

Uses for odd bits of cardboard in the workshop – Issue 34!

Uses for odd bits of cardboard in the workshop - Issue 34!

Just a handy tip, when pulling a motor down (especially ones with a lot of different length bolts), grab a scrap of cardboard and do a quick sketch of the engine case (or what ever part you are working on), then stab the bolts through in the appropriate places. It keeps the bolts from going walkies, and It makes re-assembly a whole lot less frustrating.
Anybody know what this one is?