Servicing Marzocchi 40mm Aluminium forks.

We have found a few people have had some trouble with the late model Marzochhi aluminium forks.

IMG_8261Sometimes the the rider may end up getting a “thud” or “clunking” sound  on full extension of the shock (When unweighting the front wheel).

This is caused when the RHS cartridge gets some air in the unit, and the piston is now travelling through air not oil at the end of the stroke.

The cure is obviously to get rid of the air pocket, and fill the unit with oil. Most times this CANNOT be achieved by just putting in more oil and “stroking” the shock, but the unit will need disassembly and recharging. It is not a difficult job, but some care needs to be taken in a few areas. We have prepared a little photo essay with a few key points to follow.

Hope that helps a bit. There are a number of ways to “skin this cat’. This is just one. Sometimes just removing the little screw in the piston top and pushing down to remove air can be enough, but we intentionally pulled it all apart so you can see the inner mechanism.

If you have trouble and don’t want to tackle this, or need some more information, please call us for assistance.

Marzochhi 40mm Forks-Service RHS

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